Votion provides unlimited promotional opportunities for each individual who joins our team based 100% on achievement not seniority.


The Manager's role starts with brand management. The Manager will be responsible for making sure the in-store campaigns meet client objectives, oversee all team members' development, coordinate client meetings, and manage office operations. This individual will learn: Campaign management, human resources & recruiting, and business operations.


In the Coordinator phase, employees have mastered the Representative skills and are responsible for overseeing a team. The Coordinator will train & develop team members, assist in running client meetings, and aid in the hiring process. Organizational skills and time management are essential to this role. This individual will learn: Teaching & training, team building & mentoring, and interviewing skills.


In the Representative phase, employees learn how to effectively execute an in-store campaign for one of our Fortune 500 Clients. Our Representatives are the first line of contact for new and existing customers, so professional client and customer service is key. This individual will learn: marketing strategies & tactics, branding & exposure, client / customer services, communication & client facing skills, and business systems.

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